Over the coming months, Fiona would remember other times James had seemed frozen; even the movements she’d experienced when pregnant with him were more like a vibration than a kick—it was likely he’d been experiencing seizures even before he was born.


For the next three years, James’s seizures would get stronger, and more frequent. His doctors tried many different medications, with little or no relief.


Fiona remembers: “The seizures really escalated. At his worst, he would have easily had twelve seizures each day and each night.”


The more seizures James had, the more serious it became, and the smaller the hope was that James would grow out of it. Despite the most dedicated efforts of an incredible team of specialists, there was simply no end in sight.




“They just tried so many things. They ran so many tests, they tried all sorts of different medications, but he kept having seizures, and worse seizures where he would start out by screaming—it was awful.”


Then a new piece of equipment for the MRI machine arrived at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, thanks to support from people like you. This enabled James’s doctors to finally see the cause of his epilepsy – and how to stop it.


James was operated on in January 2017, and he hasn’t had a seizure since. The new equipment for the MRI machine, made possible through support like yours, changed this little boy’s life.


Fiona can finally see a happy and healthy future for her son, but there are many other kids who desperately need a breakthrough in their treatment.


Please donate today to help kids like James by giving them access to the medical equipment and specialist care they need to get better.

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